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Our Volunteers

  • Sarah

    I have been working as a volunteer at St Petroc's for three years. It is an extremely rewarding role and is like being a member of a large, extended family as everyone is so caring.

    My role involves working on the front desk, sorting donations, clients washing, storage etc. I also help and cook for a soup run on Monday evenings.

    Giving back to society is extremely important to me and volunteering at St Petroc's fulfils this need. I feel that if everyone donated a little bit of their time to help someone else the world would be a far better place.

  • Margi

    I have been working at St Petroc's as a volunteer for seven months. I run a small art group on Thursday afternoons at the resource centre.

    I have learnt so much about what it is to be homeless, and who the homeless are, and where they are living. It has been the biggest learning curve of my life, and I have enjoyed every moment of it.

    The members of my art group are a very erudite, sensitive, and appreciative group of people, with fascinating stories to tell and it has been a privilege to spend time with them.

  • Alex

    I started working with St Petroc's Society in September 2012 documenting the homeless community in Cornwall through photography. I have met a huge amount of incredibly interesting, engaging and talented individuals who have been kind enough to allow their images to be shown on this website.

    Over the last two years I have also been working as St Petroc's staff photographer covering events and fundraisers organised by the charity. Most recently I have been working with the Arts for Health Fund and St Petroc's Society to document Cold Weather Provision.

    I hope that these images will offer people an honest insight into the lives of the often forgotten and unseen members of our community.

  • Dave

    For a while I've been popping into St Petroc's to read through the papers. It surely isn't the most arduous of roles and is quiet relaxing. Sit down, make yourself a drink and then read the paper, cutting out articles that might be relevant to the managers to keep them up to date.

    I've also helped with proofreading numerous articles for the charity, manning stalls at events and am becoming more involved more with work in the office and the houses. If you want to get involved in St Petroc's, I'd highly recommend doing so.The members of staff are friendly, the hours are flexible and innovation is high-fived.

    The photo is of my brother and I opted to participate in an 5km obstacle course called a 'Suffering Race' to raise money for his charity and St Petroc's. It was painful, muddy, sweaty and uncomfortable with the added feeling of it never-ending. Thankfully, it did and we managed to raise a lot of money for our chosen charities.

  • Elaine

    After moving back to my birthplace in Cornwall earlier this year, my goal was to give something back to the community I'm so proud to have been raised in.

    Working as a graphic designer in London for five years had brought the issue of homelessness close to my heart, and after reading St Petroc's amazing mission I knew I wanted to be involved. Cut to looking at the volunteer vacancies and I realised just how perfect this was.Of the three available vacancies, one was for a graphic designer. I'm able to use my expertise to help visualise and communicate their all-important messages, promote St Petroc's in a confident and appropriate way and hopefully freeing up a bit of time for all the staff that work so hard!

    I am so thrilled to be able to assist with St Petroc's incredible mission and humbled by the openness and passion radiated by everyone there.