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Resettlement Centres

We have 2 Resource Centres offering resettlement and support services at our Truro Head Office and at our Breadline Centre in Penzance. They are run by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers providing support to enable individuals access to a variety of accommodation and specialist support services.


Both resource centres offer a wide range of services including access to shower facilities, toilets, food, a clothing store, bedding, laundry facilities and storage facilities for personal belongings. There is also access to a GP surgery (Health for Homeless) at both centres.

Cold Weather

During the winter months when the weather can be particularly challenging and severe we open the doors of our Truro Resource Centre to provide a safe and warm environment for the homeless of Cornwall. This scheme has been a huge success and is only possible due to the wonderful work of our volunteers.

GP Surgery


Our wonderful volunteers run several activities that actively promote inclusion, confidence, social interaction and engagement.

We are always looking to expand these ideas - in the past we have had Reiki, Yoga and Circus Skills!

Please see our Volunteer page if you have ideas and would like to get involved.

Art Sessions
Board Games

A Real Life Story

Meet Chris

I have lived in so many different places, I've lived rough and when I say rough, I mean jagged.

If half the people in the world suddenly had some kind of epiphany about how they treat and affect other people in their life, I truly believe that these Godforsaken towns and cities that we live in would become almost bearable. heart keeps inside it the sorrow of a million and more forgotten sons and daughters that reside among the back alleys in their sleeping bags and cardboard homes. These melancholy and missing children of this once amazing nation are inevitably lost and forgotten in co-op coffins bought by the state without even a single mournful tear between them. The cold night and chills takes them and never judges; then sickness and alcohol, drugs and depression become the causes and blame as we walk by them on our way back home.

I'm the first to say there's help if you want it but it's hard and you really have to take the strain and pull yourself on to your feet.