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SmartMove Accommodation

St Petroc's operate a SmartMove Rent Deposit Bond Scheme. This scheme is available to single people or couples on a low income or benefits who are unable to raise a deposit to secure private rented accommodation.

How It Works

SmartMove provides a bond (guarantee) to the landlord in place of a cash deposit. SmartMove also carries out a detailed inventory upon starting the lease which is backed up with photographic images should there be a claim on the bond in the future. Support is offered to both the tenant and landlord

Tenants are encouraged to save towards their own deposit in order to gain their independence should they wish to move at some point in the future. It also allows SmartMove to offer a Bond to others approaching the service for help.

Eligibility criteria for the scheme:

  • Applicants must be over 18
  • Applicants must be single or a childless couple
  • On low income or benefits
  • Have no access to a deposit by any other means
  • Have a local connection