13 percent

of people found sleeping rough on the night of the rough sleeper count were younger than 24 years old.

Youth Ambassador

Young Person

St Petroc's has always recognised the importance of having a specialist service for young people and over the years has seen an increase in young people accessing services and presenting as homeless. The under 25's make up one of the largest age categories of homeless people approaching St Petroc's for help.

The Youth Ambassador works within the Resettlement team and is based in the Truro Resource Centre. The role involves assessing homeless or potentially homesless young people, providing advice and assisting them to secure and maintain appropriate accommodation. The Youth Ambassador works to promote and develop good working relationships with clients and landlords and, as necessary, liaise with workers from statutory and voluntary agencies. In some cases where possible and appropriate, support is given to try and rebuild relationships at home with parents in the hope that young people can return home.

Equally important is the work in schools and colleges across the county where the Youth Ambassador undertakes preventative work with groups of young people.