Dave Brown

Communications Manager

Volunteering at St Petrocs

Increased volunteer numbers have helped support our campaign to end street homelessness in Cornwall


121 volunteers and students contributed to 10,397 hours of support for St Petrocs in 2017–18

We have seen a massive increase in volunteering in the last 12 months in support of the campaign to end street homelessness in Cornwall.

People volunteer with us from all walks of life. Some are at the beginning of their careers and volunteer as part of their own development. We also have professionals who volunteer including GPs, dentists, teachers, vets, architects, accountants, mental health nurses, midwives and artists whose contributions help to shape the delivery of our services. Staff and volunteers are able to better support our clients through bringing together their individual skills and sharing knowledge.


Volunteer hours increased by over 160% in 2017–18

With the numbers of street homeless people increasing nationally, if ever there is a time for a community effort to help us toward ending street homelessness in Cornwall, this is it. We are very proud of our volunteers who offer not just their time, but are able to offer a unique perspective.

We would like to say a sincere thank you to all those who have made the difference.

“Due to the insecure nature of their lifestyles, forming relationships of trust with residents can be a long process. Perhaps people in their past have let them down, so that trust and communication are difficult, as it can be when you are vulnerable”

Supported Housing Volunteer

Volunteering at St Petrocs

Laura and Susan, St Petroc’s volunteers