Duchy Health Charity grant helps St Petrocs to continue with work during Covid-19

St Petrocs’ is delighted to receive a grant from the Duchy Health Charity. This grant will be a huge help to us during the Covid-19 pandemic and will provide immediate financial assistance to help us to continue to deliver our work with some of the most vulnerable in society.

The grant will help us to ensure our projects and schemes that provide health care and work to improve the health and well-being of our clients across Cornwall can continue to operate. Our clients will continue to have access to health, social and medical care via our NHS Health for Homeless Scheme, which is available within both our resource centres in Truro and Penzance.

Clients will continue to have access to the Freshfield helpline and counselling service. Many of our residents have had history of drug and alcohol use, 79% have told us they have mental health issues and are really struggling with the isolation. They have lost networks of support and are struggling with their mental health due to the suspension of courses and programmes they were enrolled on.

The Freshfield drug and alcohol counselling and helpline service supports St Petrocs clients and the wider community in Cornwall with reducing mental health issues, taking pressure of other NHS, social care, and Police provision at this difficult time.

Spike, one of the Freshfield Service Counsellors

Furthermore, we will be able to continue to provide outreach support to people who are sleeping rough, ensuring they are able to access the latest news and government guidelines regarding social distancing, isolation and health advice and guidance. We will also be able to provide hot and nutritious food to our clients.

A huge thanks to the Duchy Health Charity for recognising and supporting our work. We hope that by continuing to operate all of these services during the pandemic we will be able to prevent additional health issues and will endeavour to keep people healthy with the intention of preventing further strain on health, medical and social services.