Ironman Triathlon fundraiser first for St Petrocs

Rich, centre, and friends providing motivation for the final marathon leg

Rich Inger was due to do his first Ironman triathlon in Nice, France on his 50th Birthday at the beginning of June. Unfortunately, like many things the event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Rich is no stranger to triathlons, having completed 25 of varying distances in his time however this was due to be the first Ironman, and furthest distance triathlon he had competed in. Rich decided he was still going to take on the challenge, which is a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride, then a 41.2km run (marathon distance!) one after the other and was planning to do the bike and the run in his garage on a static bike and treadmill, and the swim in one spot of the Fal Estuary using a swim tether.

After deciding to continue with the challenge despite the event cancellation Rich decided he would like to raise money for local charities and opted to support K9 Cruisaders, the dog rescue charity where he got his dog, and St Petrocs. Richs wife has worked with St Petrocs in the past and so he was familiar with our work and last winter while doing training runs through Falmouth at night Rich tells us he noticed an increase in the number of people hunkering down in doorways for the night, and this is what motivated him to want to support our work via fundraising.

As lockdown measures were being slowly lifted, Rich tells us ‘’I realised that I could probably do it all outside rather than indoors, but the logistics of setting up a 180km bike ride were difficult, and it didn’t really feel right to do such a long ride outdoors during the pandemic. So I decided to do the sea swim as planned locally in the Fal estuary near where I live in Mylor Bridge, keep the bike ride indoor (in my garage actually!!) but do the marathon run outside, but again keeping it local, doing 4 laps of just over 10km from Mylor Bridge to Mylor Harbour to Flushing and back to Mylor Bridge.’’

Morning 3.8 km Swim in the Fal Estuary

Afternoon 180 km Virtual cycling in the garage via Zwift

Rich Continues ‘’so, on Sunday 7th June I did it, and it went really well! Swimming conditions were great and I got a friend, Clare from SureSwim Kernow who does outdoor swimming coaching to come along, and also had Carolyn, my wife, along in a  Kayak for support. Then the bike ride in my garage, not quite a picturesque as the hills around Nice, but it was still good, and it helped having friends join me virtually for some of it on Zwift. After 6.5 hrs of cycling I was ready to get outside, and really glad I didn’t have to run a marathon on the treadmill!  I was joined for the first half of the run by 4 running buddies of mine (socially distanced of course), and along the run course Carolyn had arranged support from loads of local friends which made a huge difference! Half way through the run I was pretty knackered, but the support kept me going and by 9:45pm I’d finished and was treated to a celebratory beer and a very large birthday cake! So in total it took me 14hr 45min of which 12hr 48min was actually swimming, cycling and running! During the event Carolyn was posting updates on social media and by the end we’d smashed the targets and raised well over £1200 combined for both charities! A birthday I’ll not forget!’’

We are absolutely blown away by this incredible effort and are so thankful that Rich chose to support us in this way, we want to say a huge huge thank you, and an Ironman is certainly a fundraiser first for us at St Petrocs! Well done Rich.


Strava tracking of Rich's results on the day