Poem of the Week: Neanderthal Bard, Stefan Gambrell

Neanderthal Bard, Stefan Gambrell, reads his poem ‘Free’. Part of our Poem of the Week, a feature throughout the winter of 2018–19, raising awareness of our campaign to end street homelessness in Cornwall.

Stefan experienced homelessness in his twenties after falling out with his parents and leaving home with no where to go. Writing poetry became a kind of therapy when he struggled with mental health issues. “…it’s completely changed my life. I didn’t know it would help me this much but it has. I think people respond to poetry because they can see there’s no right or wrong in it. There’s no bad line if it’s come from you.” Stefan now works with Crisis as Poet in Residence in London and runs workshops to help people with their literacy through writing poetry.

Over the winter of 2018–19 we will be sharing a different poem each week which will be read by notable figures, exploring the themes that resonate with our campaign.