St Petrocs Covid-19 Hero: Simon Stallard, The Hidden Hut

Simon Stallard from the Hidden Hut in Portscatho has pulled out the stops and come to the aid of our clients.

The Hidden Hut have supplied fresh fruit, vegetables, soups, stews, tea, coffee and a whole host of other food items and treats which has been distributed to 122 residents currently living in the UK lockdown in our supported accommodation.

Food delivered by Simon including fresh fruit and veg, pasta, soups and stews.

“I’m extremely committed to helping you all at Petrocs over the next couple of months. The donations will include fresh ingredients, some recipe cards as well as some pre-prepared soups, stews and casseroles.”
Simon Stallard

Soups freshly made, ready for our clients to enjoy.

Dave Brown from St Petrocs stated “Our residents have had real problems acquiring good, fresh food since the shelves in the supermarkets started emptying, they don’t have the purchasing power or the transport to compete when things get tough. The Hidden Hut has offered them a genuine lifeline.”

Simon first approached St Petrocs last year to offer help to our clients, and has shown the true value of partnerships within the community which has rallied around St Petrocs.

We are so grateful to the ever kind Cornish community for all their support and understanding at a time which is such a challenge for so many.

Thank you for being a St Petrocs COVID-19 Hero!