St Petrocs Covid-19 Heroes: Volunteer Cornwall, The Wave Project and Transformation CPR Foodbank

Volunteer Cornwall, The Wave Project and Transformation CPR Foodbank have been invaluable in supporting and enabling our work to continue by providing a donation delivery infrastructure to ensure our clients are kept safe, healthy and fed.

As restaurants and café’s closed, St Petrocs was the grateful beneficiary of some fantastic donated foods from cafes and businesses. This incredible kindness was so abundant in one go, we were then stuck for how to store the goods to ensure we could use them throughout the duration of the lockdown.

Our clients have struggled to access foods from the supermarkets and many of the volunteer led food groups have had to fold, often due to the age of the volunteers and their need to isolate.

We contacted Volunteer Cornwall to seek their advice and support and they put us in touch with the Wave Project, based in Newquay, whose staff were ready to help with transporting goods and donations to and from our resource centres.

“In a time where we are working tirelessly to keep our services going, whilst trying to maintain an element of calm and normality for our residents and clients, the support that Sam and the other volunteers have offered has been invaluable. Their help has meant that we can focus on delivering our service, but still access and utilise the wonderful donations that are coming in.”
Susan, Residential Manager

We rang our good friend and community hero Don Garner at Transformation CPR Foodbanks to ask his advice on where to source a freezer as we couldn’t track one down anywhere – all freezers had sold out until July!

Don came to the rescue and kindly offered to lend us a freezer from the Foodbank Food Store in Pool. Sam and his colleagues at the Wave Project kindly drove to collect this in their fantastic big van which usually transports surf boards, but on this occasion was transporting the freezer to our centre in Truro.

Remaining as a volunteer for Volunteer Cornwall, Sam and his fellow volunteers have helped with a variety of ‘donation runs’, from picking up soap donations which were out of the way for staff to go, to most recently collecting some smart speakers on loan from Plymouth University for use in our houses and resource centres.  

We are so grateful to the ever kind Cornish community for all their support and understanding at a time which is such a challenge for so many.

Thank you for being St Petrocs COVID-19 Heroes!