St Petrocs supports Crisis’ Home for All campaign

Join us in supporting Crisis' Home for All campaign to make right now the beginning of the end of homelessness.

St Petrocs has signed up to support ‘Home For All’ and we are proud to be supporting Crisis who are leading this campaign.

Extraordinary action taken across Great Britain to get everyone into safe accommodation during the coronavirus pandemic has shown that it is possible to end homelessness. Now is the time to do what’s right and ensure that, as emergency coronavirus measures are eased, no-one is forced to return to our streets or face prolonged stays in unsuitable temporary accommodation. A safe and settled home for everyone is within our reach, in the short-and long-term for a better future.

Crisis’ Home For All campaign is calling on the Westminster Government to urgently introduce emergency legislation that will enable everyone across Great Britain to have the security of a safe and settled home, once and for all; and to implement the immediate policy changes and funding needed to continue to protect people experiencing homelessness and prevent homelessness for the duration of the pandemic.

The ‘Everyone In’ initiative in England has brought thousands of people off the streets and into safe accommodation. This will have undoubtedly saved lives. Other measures to invest in our welfare system and ban evictions will also have prevented thousands more people from losing their homes.

But we know these temporary measures will soon end. Unless action is taken right now, we risk undoing this progress and people returning to the streets, sofa surfing, or sleeping in cars and in tents.

Please visit the Crisis website for further information on how you can support this campaign too