Supported & Move-on Accommodation

Supported Accommodation

38 of our bedrooms are in Supported Accommodation which we provide in properties in Truro, Newquay, Bodmin and Falmouth.

We provide individually tailored support to our residents in this accommodation.

All residents have their own single bedroom and then share kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities, as well as general living rooms. Residents take responsibility of maintaining a clean home and making food. Staff support residents in these properties to access training and employment opportunities, pursue hobbies and interests. They will also help with budgeting, benefits and life skills, attending appointments, engage in the wider community and local events, and support people towards longer term housing solutions.

Move-On Accommodation

Currently, 67 beds are available for Move on Accommodation in Helston, Truro, St Austell, Pool, Falmouth, Bodmin and Mount Hawke

Many residents of our Supported Accommodation will then move into our Move-on Accommodation which is longer-term housing, providing more independent living, often as a final stage before moving on into completely independent accommodation.

We have 67 residents in Move on Accommodation in Helston, Truro, St Austell, Pool, Falmouth, Bodmin, Penryn, Newquay and Mount Hawke, many of these properties are leased from private landlords who we have developed relationships with.